Pounds for Purpose

If you had £500, how would you use it to change your world for the better?

Do you see opportunities around you to make things better, but need some support and advice – not to mention some cold hard cash - before you can get going? Pounds for Purpose can help!

What better way to celebrate the Year of Young People than by giving you the power to make a change in the issues that matter to you. If you are aged 16-26, want to make a positive stand, and have an idea that can make a difference to people or the environment, Pounds for Purpose offers you the chance to get your hands on £500 to make it happen.

What we're looking for

Ideas on any theme related to positive change provided that you can tell us how this would make a difference, and how you would measure your success. You may want to make life fairer for those who experience disadvantage; bring people together to reduce isolation and build connections; promote a positive approach to mental health; make the world greener and more sustainable; or find better ways to care for the more vulnerable members of our society. If this sounds a bit daunting, take a look at our case studies for examples of other young people who are already making a positive difference.

Tell us how you would use the £500 award to achieve your goals and your timescales. We want to support projects that can spend the £500 and report back within 6 months –  although we’d like to work with you to take the project further if it shows good potential

We’re particularly keen to support projects that have some way to generate income for themselves, and keep the good work going – but this is something that we have a lot of experience in developing here at Firstport, so we can help you work this out.

Proposed projects must be developed by the young person(s) applying, as opposed to a pre-existing, established organisation

Your proposed project can’t involve political campaigning or the advancement of religion

Ready to make a change?

Find out how to apply

If you need a bit of inspiration, check out what other young people are already doing in their communities by visiting our case studies section

Pounds for Purpose: how it works

Pounds for Purpose journey

Pounds for Purpose awards are funded by the Social Entrepreneurs Fund which is delivered by Firstport on behalf of the Scottish Government.