From Glasgow to Calais – A caravan to shelter the most vulnerable

Maslow’s Community Shop, a Glasgow social enterprise that supports refugees and people in financial difficulties, sent three staff members to the Calais Jungle refugee camp. They took a caravan that will offer shelter to sick people, young families and unaccompanied children. 

caravan bird  caravan squirel

The caravan arrived on 16 September and is housing a pregnant woman and her family. The caravan is also full of food aid to help feed the 10,000 refugees and 800 children in Calais. The caravan was provided by Creative Caravans, a campaign created by a group of UK and international artists in collaboration with volunteer-led aid organisation Jungle Canopy. The Maslow’s Community Shop team was supported and accompanied by SAFR (Scottish Action for Refugees), the Real Food Junk Project and staff from Kinning Park Complex.

Maslow’s Community Shop is a social enterprise that provides free clothing, toiletries and household goods to refugees and people in financial difficulties in the Govan, Glasgow. To date, the shop has supported 700 refugees and asylum seekers. The demand for its services continues, with an average of 35 new asylum seekers coming through the doors each week.

Carol Gilchrist, founder of Maslow’s Community Shop received £3,300 in funding from Ditto, a Firstport initiative. The funding helped her get started with her venture that has since gone from strength to strength.


Maslow’s Shop will make another trip to the Jungle on 24th October 2016. They need rucksacks and suitcases to take to refugees as the camp will soon be closed. You can drop-off your donations at Maslow’s Shop, 70 Shaw Street Govan, Glasgow.

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