Ground-breaking documentary campaign about Uganda businesswomen

November 10, 2016

This Global Entrepreneurship Week (14 – 20 November 2016) BAFTA award-winning filmmaker and founder of Scrumptious Productions, Carol Cooke, will launch a ground-breaking documentary campaign, Barefoot in Business.

Following the fortunes of Uganda’s growing band of businesswomen as they defy the statistics, stereotypes and credit restrictions, the documentary, and campaign, aims to unite them with the necessary knowledge, networks and finance to turn their big ambitions into reality. Individuals and organisations from across the globe with a shared passion for entrepreneurship and equality are invited to pledge their commitment to the campaign by purchasing the documentary to watch either individually or as part of a live simultaneous online screening during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Funds raised through this innovative approach will be directed into the Barefoot in Business Fund, a unique training and support programme for female entrepreneurs across Uganda. 



Carol Cooke, who is the Director/Producer of the documentary, said:

As an entrepreneur myself, I am hugely passionate about this project. As you’ll see from the film, these women are truly inspiring and aren’t asking for our sympathy or hand outs. They’re simply asking to be taken seriously and given the chance to show the world what they’re capable of. This is about trade, not aid, and these women mean business. So by taking the #wemeanbusiness pledge you’re not only showcasing your support for them but also, if you’re a fellow entrepreneur or champion for change, this is your chance to celebrate what you’re doing and show the world that you mean business too.

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