Falkirk Cleaning Academy

The Falkirk Cleaning Academy is a social enterprise led by the Falkirk Football Community Foundation (FFCF). Its key aim is creating a cleaning company which will provide an opportunity for participants to complete employability and core training skills and aligns this delivery with in-house work experience as well as the potential for sustainable employment thereafter.


Once completing the training and obtaining sustained employment, the social enterprise will provide a platform for the successful graduates to tell their story to future cohorts and act as mentors, overseeing new work experience delivery and actively contributing to the success of their new colleagues.

Through providing this level of training the Falkirk Cleaning Academy directly works to alleviate the level of unemployment and improve the economic and social situation of those who are disadvantaged in the area who suffer from disrupted education and poverty of ambition. In providing an opportunity for training and sustainable employment the social enterprise works to build the confidence and skills within this demographic.

The Falkirk Cleaning Academy will use the LaunchMe programme to create a delivery model that will be financially viable, profitable and sustainable, whilst meeting customer needs and enhancing its reputation amongst clients and the wider community. They aim to offer 4 new products: a communal close and external entrance for local Housing Associations, an end of tenancy cleaning for local Housing Associations, Commercial Office cleaning service for existing corporate clients and sub-contracting agreements with partner cleaning organisations, and event cleaning services at The Falkirk Stadium e.g. concerts, school road races, car boot sales etc.


For more information on our LaunchMe Programme visit here. To find out more about our new cohort see our case-studies page!