The Collaborative Hub

29-year-old Carla Fyfe scooped the Young Social Innovator award at the 2018 Social Innovation Competition with her idea for a collaborative hub.

Having worked in the third sector for seven years, Carla Fyfe has developed the idea for the Collaborative Hub to address the challenges faced by young people living in poverty in Glasgow. The Hub brings together organisations, people and communities to create social change. The hub will manage training suites in the city centre of Glasgow to generate income to create employment opportunities for young people in the north west of Glasgow. 

To win the award feels fantastic! It has given me the chance to take stock of the idea and it's potential for it to better the lives of young people living in deprivation. These ideas can be on a bit of paper for a while, and it takes a lot of energy and tries to kick it off.

This award will allow me to push forward with the collaborative hub, and have discussions with people who may be interested to support it plus, I can begin making it a reality which is very exciting.  Carla Fyfe

Watch this video and find out more about Carla's idea.