Keeping it local Campbeltown

Our Campbeltown Vital Spark participants have gone a long way since they started on the programme last October.

As a local start-up trader himself, Jason has witnessed the difficulties that traders face when trying to publicise and grow their business. He is also aware of the difficulties the community experiences in finding reliable quality trade services.

As a result Jason has opened a one stop shop for Campbeltown based tradesmen and customers, offering a platform to test the market and to trade from, without the financial constraints of starting alone or having to deal with logistics such as rent and bills.

He also offers hot-desking space and screen advertising where people from around Kintyre can advertise their business and raise their profile, both on the premises and on the forthcoming website and social media.

Further funding from Firstport will enable Jason to offer private offices, a craft space and a kitchen area, almost doubling the space currently on offer and increasing the functionality of affordable space offered to everyone.

The base also provides a place for the public to visit when looking for a specific product or service with information areas for trades and services, travel, jobs, training and funding, and advice.

Jason’s organisation will also liaise with local property owners to negotiate fair leases for the start-ups when they are ready to commit to their own premises.

Jason has already let one unit and received several inquiries.

It is still early for us but hopefully Keeping it Local Campbeltown will become somewhere people will benefit and grow new and existing businesses and raise their profile through promotion and advertising.

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