Claire is buzzing about educator wellbeing

If you know a teacher, you most likely have heard them talk about how stressed they are. Even that they have too much work. If not, they are part of the lucky, but tiny 16% of teachers in Scotland who have no work-related stress. It is the other 84% that Claire Lavelle wants to help.

As a former teacher, principal teacher and head teacher, Claire certainly experienced stress. This is why she decided to start The Hive of Wellbeing. But why calling it a hive? She explains:

Teachers are as essential to our society as bees are to our ecology and survival.

The Hive of Wellbeing offers courses, training, seminars and coaching sessions. They are all tailored for educators from all sectors. Claire uses the principles of positive psychology, coaching for performance and self-efficacy. She is now a professional life coach and a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. The Hive of Wellbeing is also great for educators to network and support each other.
Claire says:

It was important to me to set up an organisation to support teachers and school leaders.

The pressures and responsibilities within education are increasing all the time. I want to promote healthy emotional wellbeing.

She liked the idea of a social enterprise because of its transparency. Educators can be sure that Claire will reinvest profits into the organisation. Claire wants this money to benefit all teaching staff and school leaders. She says:

I want to build a trusted community of educators who aim to make a difference to young people.

Claire met with Colin, our Edinburgh Just Enterprise business advisor several times. He helped her chose a legal structure for her social enterprise. She decided to set up as a Company Limited by Guarantee. She talks about the extra support that she received:

I also received support in considering my own resources as an individual and my social aspiration for teachers.

Claire is now ready to start piloting her idea. She is running free sessions in March. See details below.

The Hive of Wellbeing

She is hoping to expand to Fife soon. 

Claire has a clear vision of where she wants to be in two years. She wants to open “The Hive”. It will be a cafe and a hub. Other practitioners will use it to deliver support and alternative therapies for educators.

Her ambition doesn’t stop there. She hopes to have three hives across Midlothian, Fife and West Lothian by 2021. She then plans to expand across the country. There is no stopping her!

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