Remake Scotland

Fiona Gilbert set up Remake to help divert waste from landfill by creatively revamping discarded objects

The Idea

Remake Scotland is a social enterprise specialising in craft and construction workshops finding new uses for reclaimed, scrounged and found objects. Remake encourages children and adults from 5 to 85 to make good stuff from old stuff while learning to use tools with confidence. It began trading in 2011 and has grown from a mobile outreach workshop service to acquiring premises in Crieff where we plan to develop a creative and socially inclusive community hub.

Remake helps divert unwanted household and business waste from landfill by creatively revamping discarded objects. By showing children how to reduce, reuse and revamp discarded materials and found objects, we are encouraging a grassroots level of waste intolerance and educating future generations in alternative reuse. We encourage craft and construction skills, development of fine motor muscles, stimulation of cognitive processes and building confidence in all ages.

"Being able to access business support from an early stage has given us the confidence to develop in areas we had never considered"


Level 1 in April 2011 (£3785) from the Social Entrepreneurs Fund and Level 2 in March 2012 from the Millennium Awards Trust

Journey High Points

Remake has grown relatively quickly in a short space of time despite being a small husband & wife team. This allowed it to react swiftly as opportunities became available but meant Fiona had to learn about all facets of the business just as quickly. 

Journey Low Points

Developing a pricing structure and finding suitable premises- It became apparent early on that their leased premises would not be suitable for passing trade which has led them to lease bigger premises in the centre of Crieff.

Vital Firstport Ingredients

Our experience has been excellent and we have found that Bob (Firstport business advisor) has always been extremely generous with his time, advice and extensive knowledge in the business field. Being able to access this service from an early stage has given us the confidence to develop the business in areas we had never considered. Bob is always friendly, always on the hunt for opportunities on our behalf and is never critical.