Dundee MakerSpace

Grant Richmond started Dundee MakerSpace to provide space and facilities to encourage people to be creative and develop their skills.

The funding we received from Firstport has helped us to establish ourself as key part of the creative community in Dundee and allowed us to expand faster than I ever thought would be possible. - 

Grant Richmond, Dundee MakerSpace.

Dundee MakerSpace was born out of a conversation entrepreneur Grant had with a friend in a pub, and has “rolled on since then.”

Since that initial conversation, Dundee MakerSpace has grown into a community workshop based in the inspiring Vision Building, Dundee. Grant describes Dundee MakerSpace: “Our workshop is part of the global drive to encourage everyone to be creative.

By offering an open and creative space for anyone to learn and to collaborate on exciting projects, Dundee MakerSpace brings together people with diverse creative, scientific and artistic backgrounds and interests, regardless of experience”.

Dundee MakerSpace first came to Firstport for help covering costs of some of the equipment needed to furnish their workshop, which they got through the Start It award. After securing funding, Dundee MakerSpace grew beyond Grant’s expectations in the first year – quickly moving to a bigger space, enabling them to run events for hundreds of people at a time.

The main beneficiaries of the social enterprise are the MakerSpace members who get access to a vast range of equipment and a space to work on their personal projects. There are also regular public events that allow anyone who is interested to visit Dundee MakerSpace and learn new skills or improve on existing skills.

Recently, they ran a mini robot wars competition where children and adults joined together in teams to build sumo-battling robots. Grant and his team were delighted with the success of the event: “It was a great day for everyone involved and when the battles began, it was a moment where you could feel the joy from everyone at what they had managed to create in less than a day. Hopefully everyone went away having learned something new as well.”

Going forward, MakerSpace looks to keep growing by taking on more staff and more equipment, allowing people to develop skills in more areas, including woodwork.