Tri Angus

Maggie Lawrie founded Tri Angus in 2014 to provide good quality triathlons across Angus. 

“The financial support from Firstport it would have been difficult for us to establish Tri Angus and the first triathlon events.  The funding they provided covered the legal costs associated with setting up a company and allowed us to employ a website designer to create our website.” - Maggie Lawrie, Tri Angus entrepreneur.

Tri Angus’ primary goal is to introduce new participants to the triathlon world, but Maggie also hopes to provide a whole host of benefits to Angus residents. Not only does it encourage exercise and a healthy lifestyle, but by introducing ‘tri’ events to Angus, a new triathlon community has been developed. Running the events has promoted active citizenship and volunteering, whilst boosting the local economy by attracting new people to the area and offering promotion opportunities for local businesses. 

Maggie started Tri Angus after moving home to Angus and missing the range of sporting events, particularly triathlons, which had been on offer in Edinburgh. Maggie set up Tri-Angus to share the sporting experiences she’d enjoyed with residents of her home county. 

StartIt Funding helped Maggie with the start up costs of Tri Angus, as well as helping to fund a website ( which has contributed to raising awareness of the events. 

Tri-Angus has got off to a flying start, building on the 180 participants of the first event to sell out the 210 places on the second event in four and a half weeks. A triathlon club was also started off the back of the first event, one of the most progressive in Scotland, gaining over 55 members in the first 6 months.

Maggie hopes to use the profits generated by the events to fund the club and encourage more people to take up triathlons as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Maggie Lawrie founded Tri Angus in 2014 to provide good quality triathlons across Angus.