Reuben Chesters - Locavore

Locavore is a Glasgow based social enterprise dedicated to local food and creation of sustainable local food economies. 

Founder Reuben Chesters received Firstport’s Start It funding from the Social Entrepreneurs Fund to test and develop the enterprise and later secured a Build It award to enable expansion to a bigger shop.

Reuben explained: “We want to revolutionise the food system and reap the benefits of a more localised food supply chain. This is a system that empowers growers and communities by keeping money local, reducing food miles and climate change emissions, and nourishing us with fresher produce and a healthy food culture.”

Apart from the shop, Locavore provides a market garden site, cookery classes and a veg-bag subscription scheme.

As well as contributing to the local food economy, Locavore addresses a range of social and health issues including teaching people how to cook healthy food cheaply and offering volunteering and employment opportunities in the shop and market garden at Neilston, outside Glasgow.

Reuben now wants expand to a bigger shop and become a large food retailer, taking on the major supermarkets.

“LaunchMe allows us to have the time and resources to develop a business plan. It’s a huge jump to get from where we are to where we want to be. We need more time and the investment will allow us to take on an extra member of staff. LaunchMe is also an excellent opportunity for us to get investment ready.”